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17 Jul 2015 
There is nothing more beautiful into a golfer when compared to a high flying drive that travels over 250 yards and splits the green. Power and accuracy include the key to good tee shots wait, how do you hit them long and straight consistently? Driving golf balls begins with the best grip, ball position and stance.

The first change you'll probably need to make to accomplish greater distance is always to adjust your grip. The longest hitters have quite strong grips which signify their lower hand might be more dominant inside swing. For left-handers this implies turning your left hand clockwise making sure that two to three knuckles are visible as the look down. Grip strength is resolute not by how tight you own the club but whether your dominant hand is turned more right or the left. For lefties a substantial grip gets the left hand covering numerous right hand while a weaker grip won't. A strong grip will promote a draw that could carry father then will roll more once it releases as a result of top spin it encourages.

Ball position is an additional big ingredient that will determine your distance off of the tee. You want to find the ball up inside the air quickly, so together with the driver where to position the ball is only inside your foot. For left-handers meaning lining up the ball together with the heel of one's right foot. For tee shots you'll want to tee the ball up high for that longest possible drives.

The other big factor that may determine distance and direction over tee is the golf stance. Much of the power derives from your legs which means you need to set a great foundation for ones swing. Your feet really should be a little more than shoulder width apart and slightly ready to accept encourage a diverse body turn. Left-handers desire to make sure that their feet is facing out; create a clock and point the large toe of your respective right foot at 1 o clock. Since you are putting together to draw the ball from left to right, make sure you aim your shot left of the target.

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